'We Care' - Our New Nursing & Midwifery Strategy

‘We Care’ – Our New Nursing & Midwifery Strategy

What makes a nurse or midwife extra special when caring for patients? A new Nursing and Midwifery Strategy has just been launched which sets out criteria to help deliver the excellent care for which the profession is recognised. Following a recent launch at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, the new Strategy will be widely shared with local nursing and midwifery staff at events across Forth Valley over the next year, including staff working in community hospitals and prisons.

The Strategy has been developed by engaging with and listening to nurses, midwives, theatre staff and healthcare support workers across Forth Valley. It is intentionally ambitious, describing the commitment of every nurse and midwife to provide compassionate, safe and respectful care for patients whilst being mindful of the needs and wishes of families and carers.

NHS Forth Valley’s Director of Nursing Professor Angela Wallace, who is encouraging staff to sign up to a pledge reflecting this promise, said: “We are a profession who are proud and passionate about the service we provide, with patients at its heart, inspiring confidence and trust within the communities we serve, but open to challenge, scrutiny and a commitment to continual improvement.”

An annual report from the Directorate of Nursing will share information about progress, highlight successes and set out plans for any identified areas for improvement.

You can read the new Strategy on the publications section of the NHS Forth Valley website www.nhsforthvalley.com/publications

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