Turas Is Live

Turas Is Live

What is Turas?

Turas (Gaelic for ‘Journey’) is a single digital platform developed by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) which hosts Turas Appraisal, replacing e-KSF, which is now no longer available. During the development and testing of Turas Appraisal, feedback suggested this application is simpler to use to record your Personal Development Planning (PDP) and Reviews.

Where is my historical e-KSF information?

Your current existing information has been moved to Turas Appraisal and the process for accessing historical information is still a work in progress. Please check the Turas Appraisal intranet pages for up-to-date information.

Will I need training?

As it’s very simple, no training is needed.  Details of how to use the various screens are embedded in the pages and our local page will provide support information.

Will I still have regular meeting with my KSF Reviewer?

Yes, this is a very important conversation. The good news is that this too will be a much simpler process, it will be based on a ‘quality conversation’ between a Reviewee and their Reviewer taking place and agreeing any personal development needs. A record of the conversation and PDP activity will go into Turas Appraisal.

Where can I find out more about Turas Appraisal?

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