Support The Road To Recovery

Support The Road To Recovery

With 3,000 people affected by drugs in Forth Valley and another 50,000 by alcohol; four ‘recovery cafes’ have been set up across the area to help people kick their habits. Could you volunteer to assist them on the road to recovery, by making teas or coffees, preparing food or even running an interest group such as music, relaxation or alternative therapies?

Staff News popped into the Alloa cafe and found many of the volunteers were in recovery themselves, determined to try to stay sober or ‘clean’. People like James, a mechanical engineer and recovering alcoholic.

“At my worst, I was drinking a litre of spirits a day” he revealed. “It did affect my work, it got to the stage I was using it to function. I’m a mechanical engineer to trade, a job where you have to have all your wits about you because there’s a big safety factor. I even drank in the morning before going to work to stabilise the withdrawal.”

James’s descent into alcoholism was sparked by domestic circumstances. He has had several inpatient detoxes and also enlisted the help of Signpost Recovery and Alcoholics Anonymous. It was Signpost who pointed the way to the Recovery Cafe, where James now dons an apron and indulges in his love of cooking.

“The cafe certainly offers great support and it gives me pride within myself that I have been able to come through this period in my life. It also gives me hope for the future as I now get more of a buzz being sober and alive than anything drink ever gave me.”

The Alloa cafe at 2 Ludgate is one of four recovery cafes throughout Forth Valley. Since they opened last year, they’ve already clocked up some 4,000 visits. NHS Forth Valley Alcohol and Drug Partnership Co-ordinator Elaine Lawlor believes thousands more people could benefit. She explained: “Through the support received at the cafes some people have been able to get back into employment and others are encouraged to reach their full potential again and positively contribute to society.”

Around 3,000 people in Forth Valley are affected by drugs and a further 50,000 by alcohol. The cafes are in Alloa, Stenhousemuir, Stirling and Falkirk and designed to offer warmth, friendship and support.

If you can help, please contact Jardine on 01324 673669/07920234694 or email

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