Rubbing Shoulders With Royalty

Rubbing Shoulders With Royalty

Morag MacKellar, AHP Manager for Children’s Services, recently had opportunity to chat to Prince Charles about dietetics and nutrition and its positive impact on health, when she visited Buckingham Palace to receive her OBE for services to dietetics and health. She and the Prince discussed the challenge of improving on obesity rates and his commitment to encourage this, including work at Dumfries House where he is trying to get local youngsters involved in physical activity through growing vegetables.

“The Investiture itself was obviously quite formal but at the same time everyone made a great effort to put you at your ease so all in all it was an exciting day particularly meeting all the other people who had been honoured – really quite humbling.”

After qualifying as a dietitian in 1975, Morag worked in England for a few years before moving to Forth Valley in 1979. She has held a wide range of roles across the health board area where she has worked as the area dietitian and lead for primary care and community dietetic services. Morag, who is passionate about health improvement, also played a key role in developing NHS Forth Valley’s food policy, the first of its kind in Scotland. She has also held a number of national roles and is currently chair of Nutrition and Diet Resource (UK), a nutrition information charity.

Fresh from her Buckingham Palace presentation, Morag Mackellar was treated to another Royal occasion – a surprise tea party in her honour. AHP staff and colleagues brought in food to the department, with Morag unaware of the ‘behind the scenes’ preparations which included a fake meeting in her diary to ensure she was available!

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