Record Your Thanks

Record Your Thanks

Working in the NHS not only brings rewards in terms of patient care, but people often want to express their gratitude to staff by handing over gifts or providing hospitality.  In addition, employees are sometimes invited by pharmaceutical companies to attend courses and conferences.

Because of this it is is really important that staff in NHS Forth Valley are aware of correct steps to follow to make sure these are declared on the Board’s Hospitality Register. These responsibilities apply to all staff but are particularly relevant to people who order goods or services and prescribe medicines.

For example, anything received over the value of £25 needs approval by your line manager and has to be declared. Items over £200 must be approved by a General Manager or Director, and again are subject to declaration.

If you are invited by a commercial company to attend a course or event you must seek written permission in advance from your General Manager or Director and complete an appropriate study leave form. Any funding to attend a conference or event must be declared, even if you are attending in your own time.

If you have another job, are a company director, or hold shares in a company this type of information also needs to be declared.

The pharmaceutical industry now publishes any payments they make in cash or kind to healthcare professionals cross Scotland. This is published annually and it is essential that the NHS Forth Valley Hospitality Register, which is available on the website, reflects this.

Making a declaration will only take a few minutes of your time and could avoid any potential conflict between your private interests and your NHS duties. So please don’t forget to record.

For more details of the updated Business Code of Conduct Policy, check the policies and procedures section of the Staff Intranet (under organisational policies).

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