Outstanding Mentors

Outstanding Mentors

Final semester nursing students at the University of Stirling have been able to say thank you to NHS Forth Valley staff for helping them with their future careers.

The students were  invited to look back over their time on placement with the Health Board and asked to nominate the people who helped them learn and supported them during this time. Nominations were also put forward for mentors from NHS Forth Valley’s Practice Education Facilitators. Altogether a total of 114 people received awards for exceptional mentoring.

Fiona Doherty, Practice Placement Co-ordinator for the University of Stirling, said: “Having a good mentor makes or breaks a placement for the students. If you have been nominated I hope you will take this as a very high praise indeed.”

The certificates were then presented by Professor Angela Wallace, Director of Nursing, who. added her thanks and congratulations. She said: “These contributions help ensure a love of nursing and help make a successful journey for each student.”

Spring 2015 Awards & Achievements