Medical Wards Switch to HePMA

Medical Wards Switch to HePMA

Six medical wards at Forth Valley Royal Hospital have become the latest areas to successfully rollout HePMA, a new electronic prescribing system.

HePMA (Hospital Electronic Prescribing and Medicines Administration) is a system which has strong patient safety benefits. It removes any problems with deciphering handwriting, a problem with the former paper-based Kardex system, and ensures that information can be easily accessed and updated by all relevant staff. It also makes it easier and quicker to order medicines by removing the need for duplicate paperwork and reducing the number of steps in the ordering process.

Following the successful implementation of the system in the Acute Assessment Unit (AAU) at Forth Valley Royal Hospital earlier this year, it has now been rolled out to six medical wards (A12, A22, A31, B12, B32 and Cardiology). Work is now underway to prepare for roll-out to ICU and Capacity Area 3, Theatres, Day Surgery and Endoscopy from the beginning of November 2016 and the remaining inpatient wards at Forth Valley Royal Hospital over the rest of the year.

Training resources have been developed for staff using the new electronic system, including LearnPro modules as well as hands-on training courses for clinical staff.

For more information visit the HePMA intranet page (which can be accessed under H in the A-Z section of the Staff Intranet or email the HePMA Project Team at (

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