Marathon Fund Raiser

Marathon Fund Raiser

Despite being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes six years ago at the age of 40, Advanced Nurse Practitioner Laura Mackintosh is determined to live life to the full, promoting exercise for Type 1 diabetics who are often anxious about exercising.

Last year Laura undertook a triathlon and this year put on her running shoes to take part in the London Marathon, raising more than £2,600 for the Juvenile Diabetic Research Fund (JDRF).

She said: “I know I was overwhelmed with managing my diabetes and it has struck me how hard it must be for children and teenagers to cope with the constant injections, monitoring and carb counting. I wanted to run to help fund research for a cure.

“I also want to thank the NHS Forth Valley diabetic team for all their support. Without their advice my training and monitoring of my diabetes would have been so much harder. They really are a very professional and expert team.”

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