Make Sure You Have The Right W.Wallace

Make Sure You Have The Right W.Wallace

A round-the-clock service to make sure every patient in Forth Valley Royal Hospital is identifiable by their CHI (Community Health Index) number has just been introduced. It could save staff valuable time and reduces the need to chase results and order repeat tests because of incomplete and/or ambiguous details.

All patients born in Scotland or resident here, have a CHI number issued by NHS Scotland. But visitors may not have one, and often names such as William Wallace are commonplace.

The CHI team can step in to try to locate a number at any time, but do expect staff to have checked CHI24, Topas, Sci Store, Clinical Portal and EDMS before giving them a call.

The new service means people can be identified quickly and easily, ensuring Positive Patient Identification. This in turn will provide a more complete picture of the patient’s health, which will help staff to make informed decisions about the patient’s healthcare and treatment. It also benefits patients by reducing the need to ask the same questions again and again, leading to more effective care.

The CHI system is also used as a fully integrated part of population screening and immunisation programmes, including: breast, cervical, bowel and abdominal aortic aneurysm screening and child health surveillance systems.

Claire Kerr, Patient Registration Co-ordinator says the new service means safer, quicker and better healthcare. So play your part, make sure you use a CHI number on every request, report and letter.

Community Health Index

Staff will be asked a series of questions to ensure Positive Patient Identification:

Patient Details

Name and any previous name(s)
Date of Birth
Address (temporary or permanent resident)
GP details
Case Record Number

Caller Details

Your Name and Contact Details

This information will be used to perform additional checks and to provide the requestor with an update. The Health Records Team will endeavour to update staff the same day

Once all relevant systems have been checked and you cannot locate a CHI number please contact: 01324 566289 at any time, day or night.

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