Leaders of The Future

Leaders of The Future

Another group of staff have successfully completed the Introduction to Leadership programme. Before presenting their certificates, Morag McLaren, Associate Director of OD and Learning, offered congratulations and reminded them that they will never stop developing their ‘leadership skills’ regardless of where people are in an organisation.

Initial feedback from those who completed the course has been very positive –

“It really opened my eyes in terms of self-awareness.”

 “This programme has taught me a lot about my way of doing things and how I can change to get better outcomes from others.”

“I feel more enabled to face challenges.”

“I will be using feedback more to improve communication in my team.”

“The NHS values will be used a lot more in how our team functions.”

Pictured – Paula Bissett, Tracey Dunn,  Lorna Cherrie , Claire Murray, Lee-Anne Blair ,  Janet Johnston , Shirley-Ann Wilson , Clare Prentice , Arlene McLeod , Amanda Chapman, Carla Grzebien, Hazel Glen,  Morag McLaren , Anne Benton

Winter 2017/18 Awards & Achievements