Jogging Success From Start To Finish

Jogging Success From Start To Finish

Braving rain, winds and snow in one of the worst winters on record, this dedicated group of runners turned up regularly for training and have now have successfully completed a 5km jog without stopping.

They were part of the 2nd Jog Scotland Group at Forth Valley Royal Hospital. Another member of staff has also completed the 5km and joined the group whenever shifts allowed.

NHS Forth Valley Health Promotion Officer, Aileen Schofield, said: “It was brilliant to watch them all complete their 5km jog. They were incredibly supportive of each other, those first past the post waited and applauded others on their approach to the finishing line.  Now they have all progressed to the 5km+ group on Wednesdays after work. 

Staff who took part say they feel fitter, happier, less stressed, have more energy, have lost weight and can jog for longer than when they started training.

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