In the Spotlight - Lynn Waddell

In the Spotlight – Lynn Waddell

You must have one of the longest job titles in NHS Forth Valley – what exactly is your remit?

You should see the size of my ID Badge!

I’m responsible for equality and diversity for NHS Forth Valley and making sure we meet our legal obligations, as well as the needs of people experiencing gender based violence accessing our services.

Is this post your lifelong dream? 

I love people, and I am really excited about the work currently being completed on Person Centred Care, as it’s everything I believe in. I have just completed a training resource with young carers, which is available on NHSFV YouTube, and of which I am exceptionally proud. It truly reflects Person Centred Care.

I started as a 19 year old nursing assistant, then trained as a nurse. I have had the opportunity to complete a range of roles and experiences including initiating the Disability Service, winning Community Nurse of the Year UK, as well as working with the Health Department on the implementation of the Disability Discrimination Act 2005, through to my current role (now at 42 yrs old +VAT).

Every day has its challenges, as well as days when you just think this is the best job in the world.

Worst nightmare? –  Losing my lipstick!

Biggest laugh?

I had an ‘Officer and a Gentleman’ moment at the Royal Garden Party inEdinburgha few years ago. A very dashing RAF Officer said he needed me. I thought yes, the wrinkle cream has worked. Did he want me for my charm, wit and personality?  No!  Prince Charles needed an interpreter. Never mind – if nothing else it will look good on my CV:

‘Lynn Waddell – Interpreter by Royal Appointment’.

Pet hate?

People with a superior attitude and manner towards others; or those with a ‘sense of humour by-pass’! Remember – life is not a dress rehearsal.

Who would you invite for dinner?


  • Stephen Fry – to laugh with
  • Michael Bublé – to listen to
  • George Clooney – Aahhhhh, just to look at!
  • My late granddad David Beveridge. He was a sign language user who loved the bookies. As a child I could put on a bookies line at about the age of 5; but he also taught me to talk to the person in front of me and not the disability. Wise man – wise words.

How would you spend a million pounds?

First Class on a Mediterranean cruise looking like an advert for Tiffany’s.

Sun, sea and sand or city break?

Sun. I just bought an apartment on a golf course inSpain. I can’t play golf        but I am very good at shouting at people from the balcony that can’t find their golf balls.

One wish, what would it be?

When I retire I want to live comfortably with my husband Colin; with good health, enough wealth and a continued sense of humour about life and all it brings. Even if it’s just continuing to embarrass my son when I dance in shop aisles to music being played!

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