In The Spotlight - Janette Fraser

In The Spotlight – Janette Fraser

Janette Fraser, Director of Regional Planning (West of Scotland).

How did you arrive in your current job?

No road map or compass, but lots of amazing jobs in the NHS en route and inspirational people who have encouraged me to learn new skills and take on new challenges.

I joined the NHS after studying for an MA Honours degree at Edinburgh University and have had operational, project and planning management posts in Forth Valley, Lanarkshire and Greater Glasgow and Clyde.  I was lucky enough to be sponsored by West Glasgow Hospitals Trust to do a part time MBA at Strathclyde Graduate Business School, where I was privileged to study alongside managers from a wide variety of public and private sector backgrounds.  My most recent post was as a Senior Planning Manager in Forth Valley where my remit included regional planning, cancer and acute service planning.

What are your biggest challenges in your work life?

Balancing the competing demands of very disparate work streams.  However, at the same, time I thrive on the wide variety of work which Regional Planning takes on.   It can also be a challenge, working with extremely busy clinical and management colleagues in the West of Scotland NHS Boards to engage them in supporting regional work streams – this requires tact, diplomacy, leadership, enthusiasm and if all else fails, cookies!

Do you find time for any hobbies and if so, what?

I love to sing.  I have sung in choirs since I was 10 years old and I am currently with the Falkirk Festival Chorus.  Singing has given me incredible opportunities.  I have sung with professional orchestras and conductors in most of the major concert venues in Scotland and have also sung in more unusual locations including the Howgate shopping centre, the Glasgow Garden Festival and the Helix Park!

Over the years I have also been invited to perform as a soloist and last year I fulfilled a dream to sing the soprano solo “Pie Jesu” in a performance of Gabriel Faure’s Requiem.  I am usually very professional and well prepared in my approach to singing, however last year I made a recording with my choir of “In the Bleak Midwinter” which I had sung many times before.  Complacency had obviously set in as I completely messed up the words in the solo verse and the choir fell about laughing.  Take 2….

As a family, we love to eat out, visit the theatre  and travel to Historic Scotland and National Trust sites (my 16 year old daughter disagrees with the final point)

What’s in your fridge?

Several varieties of cheese (we are a family of cheeseaholics), chutney, salad and salad dressings (to go with the cheese, obviously!) and homemade strawberry jam.  There are a few olives lurking at the back with some elderly marinades keeping them company !

Where would you like to go for your dream holiday?

Alaska.  I love lakes and mountains and Alaska has them large.  The wildlife would also be spectacular.

Pet Hate?

Bullies.  I cannot tolerate bullies in any environment – school, workplace, politics or sport.  The behaviour of the new breed of cyber bullies is truly horrifying with often devastating effects on those being bullied and their loved ones.

Proudest moment?

Seeing my daughter sing a solo for the first time at a primary school concert.

What makes you laugh?

I am a sucker for what I call a sitcom.  My current favourites are Not Going Out, Miranda, Citizen Kahn and the Big Bang Theory.  I also find Michael McIntyre hilarious – I am sure he has based some of his jokes around my spice cupboard and my husband’s man drawer.

Biggest regret in life?

Je ne regrette rien, or at least nothing I am admitting to!

If you had one wish….

We would live in a more harmonious collaborative society (I was bound to use a music analogy) and the bullies would be banished.

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