Healthy Working Lives - Working for You

Healthy Working Lives – Working for You

What do YOU know about Healthy Working Lives?  You may have noticed an invitation on the Intranet to take part in the Big Health Quiz of 2016. Or you may have heard colleagues talking about Healthy Working Lives for which NHS Forth Valley has already achieved bronze and silver status.

But are you really aware of what the Healthy Working Lives programme is all about? 

Healthy Working Lives is all about creating a safer, healthier and more motivated workforce. It aims to increase staff motivation, reduce absences, increase productivity and make staff feel valued and supported, encouraging them to continue working for NHS Forth Valley. It is also designed to reduce work-related ill health and promote social responsibility and care for the environment.

According to Chief Executive Jane Grant; “Workplaces have a key role to play in improving our nation’s health and quality of life. The initiatives which we have undertaken through the programme are an acknowledgement that NHS Forth Valley sets high standards for health, wellbeing, safety and corporate responsibility. “

Here are some of the ways NHS Forth Valley is supporting the health and wellbeing of local staff:

  • Car club scheme
  • Cycle to Work scheme
  • Discounted gym membership at Stirling University
  • NHS Credit Union
  • Staff lottery
  • Discounted bus travel
  • Discounted cinema tickets
  • Occupational Health support
  • Free podiatry
  • Free physiotherapy
  • Stop smoking support
  • Flexible working
  • Childcare voucher scheme
  • Union membership
  • Spiritual care support
  • Healthy food/ drink options
  • Step challenges
  • Flu immunisation
  • Choose to lose website
  • Braveheart staff walks in hospitals
  • Staff stress control sessions

There are 43 Healthy Working Lives notice boards throughout various buildings and departments across Forth Valley, promoting health, wellbeing and safety information.  If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions, please get in touch with a member of our Planning Group who meet several times a year. Throughout 2017 we’ll be carrying regular items in Staff News, Staff Brief and on the Intranet front page.

NHS Forth Valley HWL Planning Group members –

Name Job title Role in the group Email address Telephone no
Hazel Meechan Public Health Specialist Chair 01786 457267
Shirley Hamilton Senior Health Promotion Officer NHS Member 01324 673525
Dorothy Bell Sneddon Head of Occupational Health Service Member 01786 566663
Amanda Young Occupational Health Adviser Member 01324 566662
James O’Kane Heath & Safety Adviser Member 01786 454563
Alison MacKay Healthy Working Lives Adviser Member 01786 433871
Aileen Schofield Health Promotion Officer NHS Member 01324 673523
Elaine Devine Staff Health Physiotherapist Member 01324 434061
Susan Anderson Health Promotion Administrative Support Officer Member 01324 566345
Linda Robertson HR Manager Member 01324 618345
Dawn Gleeson AHP Co-ordinator Member 01324 566568
Helena Buckley Unite Union Member 01786 454736
Mark Craske Travel Manager Member 01324 566399
Catriona Beveridge Unison Union Member 01324 618341

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