Farewell To The Big Apple

Farewell To The Big Apple

Colleagues and friends gathered to say farewell to Dr Pete Bramley, Consultant Gastroenterologist who has retired after 23 years with NHS Forth Valley.

Pete started work in Forth Valley in 1995, moving to Forth Valley with his wife and two young daughters from his Specialist Registrar post in Aberdeen. He was one of two Consultant Physicians with an interest in Gastroenterology and his particular interest has always been hepatology.

He quickly became a fond favourite of his patients, some of whom referred to him as the ‘Big Apple’, in reference to his surname. His ability to mis-pronounce names was legendary and the cause of many jokes. Always at the centre of pranks, he once took an hour to get into his car which had been completely wrapped in cling film to mark his birthday.

Pete championed the cause of patients who did not routinely access healthcare and he developed a service which took the care to them in their own community, travelling to clinics wherever there was a need.

Pete’s retirement plans are to spend as much time as possible pursuing his love of walking and cycling in the Cairngorm area and in developing his skills in Scandinavian Axe Carving – let’s hope that doesn’t end up with a trip to ED!

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