Eye To The Future

Eye To The Future

The use of technology is delivering quicker treatment for local patients who present with eye problems following an injury or accident. It involves a slit lamp being used with a tablet computer to enable a consultant ophthalmologist to view the magnified eye remotely and advise on the best way forward.

The new system replaces the previous assessment process which sometimes involved a phone conversation between local clinical staff and an ophthalmologist.

The service is being provided in the Emergency Department at Forth Valley Royal Hospital and in the Minor Injuries Unit at Stirling Health and Care Village. It is also being piloted in an Alloa branch of a national chain of opticians.

To date it has been running as a trial and according to Consultant Ophthalmologist, Iain Livingstone, feedback has been very positive. He said: “Early results show high levels of acceptability from both patients and clinicians. Around 50% of video-enabled consultations have resulted in either same day discharge from the Emergency Department or Minor Injuries Unit or prevented the need for a follow up review at the Ophthalmology Department in Falkirk Community Hospital. This not only reduces the need for patients to attend additional appointments but has also helped free up capacity and reduce waiting times.”

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