Expert Woman

Expert Woman

The expertise of NHS Forth Valley’s Head of Family Child Psychology could soon be aired in the world of broadcast after she was selected to take part in the BBC Academy’s Expert Women Scotland day.

Dr Lorraine Johnstone, who is based at the University of Strathclyde, has already received a Butler Trust award for setting up the Ivy Project, a ground-breaking programme working with some of the most difficult and troubled young people in the country. Now her selection for Expert Women means she could be following in the footsteps of Prof Mary Beard and historian Lucy Worsley!

Dr Johnstone won one of 24 places, whittled down from 400 applicants, which she regards as ‘probably quite cool’ and says her success in getting selected is linked to her forensic adolescent work.

The Expert Women events are part of a campaign to increase the number of women presenters and contributors appearing on TV and radio in under-represented areas including science, history, politics, business and technology. The project is a collaboration between the BBC Academy and Broadcast Magazine, with support from BBC Diversity, Creative Skillset and the wider broadcast industry.

The inaugural event last year included presenter training, candid advice from women already in the industry and face-to-face sessions with commissioners. It was a huge success, bringing female experts in their field to the forefront of industry consciousness and opening a gateway into areas previously occupied mostly by men. Dr Johnstone says she is looking forward to benefitting from such a positive result.

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