Coming to a Place Near You

Coming to a Place Near You

With the flu season approaching, the NHS Forth Valley immunisation team will be visiting wards and community hospitals offering flu jags to staff. This new approach is designed to make vaccination much more accessible when staff are busy and is in addition to the special clinics which are organised by Occupational Health.

The new campaign will also feature presentations to staff, new myth-busting posters and competition prizes.

Public Health Consultant Dr Henry Prempeh said: It’s a commonly held belief that the flu vaccine will give you flu but this is not the case as the vaccine given to health workers is NOT a live vaccine. It not only helps prevent you from getting flu, but also protects you from spreading the virus to your patients.”

Last year around 29% of staff in NHS Forth Valley took the opportunity to be vaccinated against flu, with the Scottish Government hoping for 50 per cent. This year’s strategy therefore aims to boost numbers locally.

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