Changing Landscapes at Falkirk Community Hospital

Changing Landscapes at Falkirk Community Hospital

The main entrance to Falkirk Community Hospital has received a colourful makeover, thanks to the Health Promoting Health Service Greenspace Project. Responing to comments that the corridor was uninviting, Senior Health Promotion Officer, Shirley Hamilton and Health Promotion Officer, Rhona Denham invited staff to submit photographs reflecting green spaces. These were then printed onto banners and now line the rustic brick walls.

The initiative was an instant success as Shirley explained: “The day we were hanging them up people were coming down and saying how lovely they were.”

Rhona added: “The pictures provide an opportunity to stop, catch your breath and feel something positive. It puts a smile on your face.”

The pictures will be refreshed in around six months time to maintain the theme of ‘bringing the outside in.’

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