Budding Radio Star

Budding Radio Star

Smoking cessation adviser Laura Boyle has become a ‘radio star’ in a new national campaign to re-brand the work of stop smoking services. Laura features as part of the ‘Quit Your Way’ campaign and her voice was aired on a number of local radio stations about her role in getting people to quit smoking.

She was nominated to take part after a call from the Scottish Government seeking real-life stop smoking advisers to be recorded for broadcasts. The aim was to illustrate the friendly supportive staff across NHS Scotland who help smokers through their journey, provide advice on what to expect and emphasise the wide range of help and support available.

Laura was happy to help and said of her recording experience: “It was exciting to be on the radio and get the opportunity to encourage people to access our service and quit their way.”

The ‘Quit Your Way’ campaign also includes TV adverts, social media promotions, posters and leaflets.

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