All Eyes On Gold

All Eyes On Gold

All eyes are set on ‘gold’ as NHS Forth Valley aims to achieve this prestigious Investors in People Award (IIP) following re-assessment later this year.

The IIP Assessor will visit for five days (April 30-May 4) and meet with a number of staff who have been randomly selected to take part. They will be asked how they feel the organisation invests in the development of our people. Feedback is then assessed against the IIP standard, a level of quality and attainment, to consider whether we currently meet, or exceed, the 9 Indicators and 3 principles of the performance model contained in the Standard below. If you are invited to participate please do so as your feedback is really important in ensuring that we continue to develop areas which can be improved upon.

NHS Forth Valley has already achieved Silver status and more information is available on the Investors in People pages on the staff intranet;

or please contact:

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