A Fresh Pair Of Eyes

A Fresh Pair Of Eyes

The work of the Patient Public Panel PPP) has received a round of applause from NHS Forth Valley staff as it nears its 10th Birthday in January 2014. A survey has revealed that the contribution the panel make is very much appreciated and that staff are grateful for the fresh and independent eyes of panel members, who see things from the patient and public perspective.

The PPP are also recognised for improving transparency through independent involvement in activities such as domestic monitoring audits, which help maintain high standards of cleanliness. And they have worked on improving draft documents and texts, such as influencing the development of a questionnaire for theatre patients.

The Evaluation Task Group involved not only several PPP members, but also included Organisational Development Adviser Anne Benton, Dr Kathleen Stoddart a senior teaching fellow from the University of Stirling and Pauline Marland, local officer with the Scottish Health Council.

Several targets have been pinpointed for the future. The PPP are being urged by Director of Nursing, Professor Angela Wallace who set up the group ten years ago to ‘stay fresh and challenging and not become part of the system.’ Deeper engagement is recommended with wards and services. Overall the culture of engaging patients and the public in NHS Forth Valley is strong. However there is a great desire to promote the PPP more, so that staff know that members are available to complement the role of staff in quality improvement and person centred health care

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